Die Leuchte KL11 The luminaire KL11 СВЕТИЛЬНИКИ KL11

Reliable: The luminaire KL11

Same cover, other content: Our luminaire KL11.

Created for central battery systems, with the same technology as our KL10 luminaire.

Advanced LED-strips are cutting costs of energy by their high effectiveness. All parts of KL11 are RoHS-proved and consequently environmentally friendly. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is self-evident. The homogeneous light spread of the display is benchmarking and guaranties best recognizability also on larger distances.

VDE test seal will be permitted probably in March 2010.

Produkte KL11

TYP KL11-25 Wandmontage
Best. Nr.: KL11-2503-WM

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(Kopie 1)

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TYP KL11-25 Wandauslegermontage
Best. Nr.: KL11-2503-WA

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(Kopie 2)

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TYP KL11-25 Deckenaufbaumontage
Best. Nr.: KL11-2503-DM

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(Kopie 3)

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TYP KL11-25 Pendelmontage
Best. Nr.: KL11-2503-PM

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(Kopie 4)

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TYP KL11-25 Kettenmontage
Best. Nr.: KL11-2503-KM

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Nominated for the GIT-Award 2010

The luminaire KL10 has been chosen into a closer selection by exponents from BHE, TUEV and ZVEI for the...

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