Die Leuchte KL13 The luminaire KL13 ПЕРЕНОСНЫЕ СВЕТИЛЬНИКИ КL13

Longrunner: The luminaire KL13

Festival organisers with so called “flying buildings, event agencies and probably every circus is aware of the problem: Emergency exit signs have to be installed and mainly wired.

Our battery-luminaire KL13 is charged during the day and when the night comes, it shows the secure way through dark in reliably luminosity. A simple hanging suffices; the wiring is not longer applicable.

Using the same prefabricated parts as in our KL 10-Luminaire guarantees durable quality and functional reliability.

Productline KL13

TYPE KL13-25 chain mounting
8h Batterie: Order number: KL11-2508-KM
12h Batterie: Order number: KL11-2512-KM

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TYPE KL13-25 wall mounting
8h Batterie: Order number: KL11-2508-WM
12h Batterie: Order number: KL11-2512-WM

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Nominated for the GIT-Award 2010

The luminaire KL10 has been chosen into a closer selection by exponents from BHE, TUEV and ZVEI for the...

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