Sicherheit Security Безопасность

Secure evacuation at emergency –
Security for planner and operator

Ambition of a good fire protection plan is optimized defense of human lives. By planning of escape ways, luminaires have to be assembled, which lead the fugitive into secure regions or proximately out-of-doors.

By assorting luminaires planner and operator should not act improvidently. A luminaire, which is not acceptably apparitional during the case of fire, can cause human- damage quickly. If luminaires fail in case of an emergency, legislator assumes responsible operator as well as planner a disregard of their duty of care at assorting luminaires. In court both, planner and operator are liable for possibly human- damages. (see

Electing reliable luminaires

The best elections of right luminaires can not only safe lives, but also allay liability for the responsible. Admittedly the market for luminaires in Germany is only partially subordinated specific standards; quality- differences between lighted exit signs are difficult to detect for customers.

Accredited seals of approval – like the VDE- examination seal – are supposed to help customers to define selection criteria. The VDE- institute is an examination- institute like the TÜV, admittedly exclusive obligated consumer protection. VDE- proofed equipment always bears an examination- number from the VDE and therewith achieves the examination criteria, which comprehend fire protection.

VDE examination standards
Many manufacturers advert to the VDE- standards when manufacturing and building luminaires. Admittedly those luminaires are proofed and certificated in exceptional cases.  Because self- proofed luminaires can never achieve the high quality- standards, we have developed our luminaire KL 10 in cooperation with the VDE and subsequently let them accredit.

By using our luminaires KL 10, planner and operator can rely on using the accredited most secure luminaires. Because of our sign of approval it is guaranteed that the duty of care is not infringed.

How VDE verifies products.


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