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Exclusively KL 10 luminaires by krealux bear the VDE sign of approval

All luminaires which pretend in their datasheets to be “manufactured as VDE” or “according to VDE”, should actually accord to those guidelines. Unfortunately they do not. Each manufacturer analyses his luminaires after own discretion, more or less accurately.

Equipment which is verified by the VDE always bears a number of approvals. Only then it achieves the test criteria which also comprehend Fire Security. VDE is a verifying institute like the TÜV, exclusively obligated for consumer protection. Unfortunately in Germany there is no certification- obligation for such important and lifesaving equipment like luminaires. For this reason more increasingly inferior make enters the market. This includes all legal consequences. Without an independent seal of approval the planner has to count on subjective quality- promises by the manufacturer.

VDE verifies:
Marking, construction, creepage distances and clearances, provision of earthing, terminals, external and internal wiring, protection against electric shock, endurance test and thermal test, resistance to dust and moisture, insulation resistance and electric strength, resistance to heat, resistance to fire, resistance to tracking, functional safety, changeover operation, high temperature operation, battery chargers for self-contained emergency luminaires, identification of pictograms, test devices for emergency operation, batteries, luminance measurements

According to those verifying criteria only krealux- luminaires are accredited.

Why VDE- verified products?

Applicable for manufacturing and building luminaires are the guidelines from the VDE, which are recorded in standards. Also DIN and EN guidelines arise from the VDE- standards. Luminaires which cannot advert to the VDE- standards, have to be questioned concerning their effectiveness and quality.

“Self- proofed” luminaires can never achieve the desired high quality standards!   

To be faced with the background of liability of the planner and architect, the election of not independently proofed luminaires is exceedingly hazardous. In technical literature it is exposed clearly, that building- and civil- law set different criterion to quality of building facilities. (Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen Fenstersee for example)

A selection of certified luminaires is to find here:  Website des VDE: list of verified products/Notleuchte.

Download Prüfberichte - VDE

Glühdrahtprüfung - VDE (1.7 MB)
pdf Gluehdraht-Pruefung.pdf
Kriechstromprüfung - VDE (911.2 kB)
pdf Kriechstrom-Pruefung.pdf
Kugeldruckprüfung - VDE (1 MB)
pdf Kugeldruck-Pruefung.pdf
Nadelflammeprüfung - VDE (1 MB)
pdf Nadelflamme-Pruefung.pdf
Schockprüfung - VDE (1.1 MB)
pdf Schockpruefung.pdf
Schutzartprüfung - VDE (1.1 MB)
pdf Schutzartpruefung.pdf


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